Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Building prototype nr 4

Yesterday evening I filled my living room floor with all my carrier materials and started measuring and cutting all the pieces that are needed to sew the next prototype. The goal is to make a carrier that is comfortable for both adult and child. It will be a functional carrier
disguised as a small backpack not a backpack that can be used as a carrier. For me that is a very important difference.
I only have hopes right now that it will be as good as I think right now or I will have to make a prototype number 5. Soon I will have photos to show you but now the carrier is only a black pile of fabric pieces on my living room floor. I really would like to have a big sewing room but I gave it away so we could have a bigger living room/kitchen. Maybe someday......

Unfortunately the backpack can't be big enough for a laptop as I have hoped because then it will not work for carrying children the way I want to. A carrier should be comfortable both for the child and the adult and that has to come anything else.