Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rethinking my carrier

I spent a week with my family skiing and snow shoeing and just having a great time. All that time got me thinking about what I want in a carrier. I usually have a backpack on me with everything I might need but when my son wants to be carried I put him on my back but that means I have to carry the backpack in my hands. I really hate that so I would like to be able to carry my son and still keep my backpack on my back (hmmm) I have to think about that some more before I can make that a reality.

A good looking backpack with laptop pocket inside that can be modified to a child carrier when needed, that's what I want. I you agree please let me know of any other specifications you would like to see to make it a perfect carrier.

These are my ideas just now.
  • Backpack
  • Be able to snap it onto a stroller
  • Laptop pocket inside
  • Pocket for keys, wallet accessible when on stroller
  • Easy to change in to a child carrier
  • Black
Here is a picture of me with my son on my back in my latest carrier prototype with my snow shoes on. As you can see most of the snow had blown away but it was very icy.