Thursday, February 26, 2009

Review of the Manduca Baby Carrier

The Manduca looks a little like the Ergo baby carrier, the whole carrier looks a little padded, It might be more comfortable for the cild or maybe just warmer I don't know. This is another carrier I haven't tried and I would love to try one on but I am sorry I don't like the look of it, it looks so old.

  • Comes i several soft colors
  • Made of cotton meaning darker colors will fade i washed many times
  • Has a zipper across the backpanel so you can change the size as the child grows, sounds great but then I have had several zippers fail but this zipper will probably not get a lot of use so that will not be a problem
  • I am not sure what I think of the looks of the carrier, it looks modern but at the same time outdated
  • Doesn't have a lot of storage
  • Can be used from birth using an upper seat.
  • Made from organic cotton, this I really lik
Would I buy this carrier?
I don't know, it looks practical enough, grows with the child, organic cotton but at the same time no storage and I don't like the look of it, especially for a bigger child when the zipper is opened up. So I would probably not buy this carrier unless it would be absolutely perfect on if I tries it on.