Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review of Beco Baby Butterfly 2

I am really sad that I haven't tried this myself because it is a carrier where you can strap in the child before getting it on your back. That is a neat feature for a parent the first couple of times but after that I can't see the need for it. I have always flipped my son over my head on to my back when putting on a carrier to the sound of his happy laugh and after trying it on a bed for the first couple of times it was very safe. Ok, so he is three now and too heavy to throw over my head so I have to do it differently and definitely slower.

  • Nice fabric choices, to much patterns for my personal taste but still nice fabrics
  • Looks comfortable and well designed
  • Has a baby insert so you can use it from birth
  • Not a lot of storage
  • Neck support for a sleeping child, it's stored in a pocket when not in use, does that mean I need help putting it on with a sleeping baby on my back?
  • Cotton fabric, fading in dark fabrics will be a problem after many washings
  • The child is hanging on two plastic buckles, for me it feels unsafe but that is probably just my imagination
Would I buy this carrier?
I am not sure, I would love to try it because I like the look of it but I don't think I would like that the baby is strapped in the carrier after using another solution before. And I'm not sure I would feel safe with the buckles holding my baby from falling on the ground, my fear is that they will open up unexpectedly. But when I think about it that is just stupid thinking because all carriers have some plastic parts holding the child from falling down even if it usually isn't buckles.