Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review of the Patapum Toddler carrier

I really like the look of the Patapum toddler carrier because it is so simple looking and I really like that the shoulder straps attaches both to the hipbelt and the back panel and therefor distributing the weight better when carrying a heavier child. I kind if like the idea of a waist pouch but I'm not sure I would like to use it because I don't like the look of it.

  • Streamlined design, I really likes that
  • Hipbelt and shoulder straps are contoured to fit the bearers body better
  • The toddler model is made for the heavier child, I like thet
  • Comes with a waist pouch, like the idea but I can't see myself walking around with a waist pouch in a mall but for a walk along a beautiful desert beach of course I would use it
  • Made in cotton and that means that darker fabrics will fade and lighter fabrics will get dirty
  • The back panel is bigger than the back panel on the Ergo and will therefor fit a bigger child better.
Would I buy a Patapum Toddler?
I think I would if I didn't think the prototype I have already made is superior :-) And I hope the new one will be a lot better. But at the same time everyone is different and different carrier fit different people different, so the only way of knowing if you like a carrier is to try it on.