Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Review of The Ergo Baby Carrier

Today i will start looking at the Ergo Baby Carrier, to help me see what I like about it and what I don't like. It is a really nice safe carrier used by a lot of parents. I think they have some strange fabric choices but that is just my personal opinion and the same fabric that I don't is probably someones favorite fabric and that is a good thing that there are options for everyone.

  • Simple, nothing flashy just the bare minimum
  • Very short back support for the child, good for the very young child but might limit the use for a taller child
  • Different colors, nice with options but some of the colors are scary if you ask me, I don't fancy a carrier with pink roses on it and my husband would get a heart attack if I asked him to use a pink baby carrier
  • You can buy a back pack that attaches to the carrier when you carry a child on your back, that is th best thing about this carrier even if the back pack isn't too good looking.
  • It is made of cotton that fades a lot when washed but you can get it in eco fabric and that is nice
  • Has a head support for a sleeping child
  • Soft padding, I prefers padding that is a little firmer

Would I buy this carrier?
I don't think so, mostly because of the low back support for the child and the fading fabric and because I don't like the look of the backpack. This doesn't mean that I think it is a bad carrier, I don't but it is not the carrier I would buy.