Monday, February 23, 2009

Starting a blogg

Today is my first day as a blogger. I started small by only taking a sample layout so I could start today. I new that if I would finish everything before starting nothing would happen, I would realice my limitations as a writer and my perfectionism would make sure I wouldn't ever be ready to start. This means that the layout of the blog will change in the future instead and hopefully move to it's own website soon.

I am very good at seeing all the obstacles and then give up so this time I am just starting. I have made a decision of not thinking things through so much and instead deal with my mistakes.

I have an idea of making a really nice baby carrier, the kind of carrier I would like to buy myself, I have done two prototypes before and am starting to make a third. This blog will follow me on my path towards a samll business selling my own carrier and you as a reader can share my ups and downs.